Living & Non Living Unit

I just finished my mini unit on living and non living objects. My kinders will complete this over a span of a few days. I usually teach science in the afternoon when my little kinders are "tired and wiggly." Here is what I came up with. Thanks for looking!

We will make a list of things that we already know about living things. BRAINSTORMING!

We will read this book together. It talks about the characteristics of living things including the need to eat, drink, and breath. It also talks about all living things being able to move, grow, and reproduce. Students will draw pictures to match the text.

We will sort living and non living things in our pocket chart. We will complete this as a whole group activity.

This sort will let my students practice independently.

We will look at certain objects and decide if they breathe, need food and water, if they change and grow, and if they reproduce.

We will go on a scavenger hunt. I created these labels to place on brown paper bags. We will go outside and collect things that "were once living" and things "that were never living".

My kids will draw an object that is living and an object that is non-living.

We will cut out a picture of a living object out of a magazine. We will then write about the object and how we know that it is alive.


Crystal McGinnis

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