Pumpkin Themed Literacy

This week our focus was pumpkins. I am trying to incorporate at least 3 shared reading experiences for my kinders each week. We use each shared reading poem, song, or big book for two days. Here are a couple of poems we used this week.

This poem is called Little Pumpkin. I displayed it using my projector, and then provided my kinders with a paper copy and highlighters. We found words we knew, identified rhyming words, highlighted beginning sounds of words, looked for punctuation, and other concepts of print. This poem is a FREEBIE in my TPT store. Click here to see it.

This is a predictable book that I created about pumpkins. We illustrated our own "picture clues" using words from the book. Students had to draw short, tall, skinny, wide, big, and little pumpkins. We then read our stories using the beginning sound of our "unknown words" and our "picture clues." You can get this book and more here!
Our sight word of the week this week was the word "have." I created this predictable chart using the word "have" and number words. Students helped me highlight the word "have" and then draw pictures and numbers to match our number words. I also used sight word "have" activities during my literacy center time. You can see more of these activities by clicking here.
This was a song that I wrote to review number words. It is sang to the tune of "10 Little Indians." After we sang it a few times, the students helped me cover the numbers with number word sticky notes.

We also created this cute pumpkin craft to hang in the hall. It reviews the life cycle of a pumpkin.

Crystal McGinnis

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