Spring Animals (Frogs, Chickens, and Rabbits)

Spring is here! My kindergarten class has been learning about Spring animals. So far we have studied rabbits, chickens, ducks, and frogs. If you are looking for some Spring animal activity ideas for your classroom, check these out! Most of the time I try to tie science into my reading and writing block, so you will find multiple ways that I do this in the pictures below.

While reading nonfiction stories, we created a class can-have-are chart as shown above. My kids had a chart of their own to create, as we created the class chart together.

My sight word of the week this week was the word "does." I wrote this quick song to use as a shared reading that incorporates both my sight word and frogs. I also typed a copy for my kids to use on their clipboards as we read it. We highlighted the word does, sang the song a few times, and then placed these in our book boxes.

 I found a low level nonfiction book that shows the life cycle of a frog. I copied the pages of the book and gave them to the students. They created a flow chart of the life cycle of a frog with the pages. They had to read the pages and put them in order. I modeled this first.

My kids read this life cycle of a frog book with me in small groups. It was written to read like "brown bear, brown bear." You can get if FREE by clicking this link. Click here to get it!

We wrote a nonfiction piece about frogs. I used a directed drawing to guide them.

 I used these frogs on a log to practice subtraction. I modeled the frogs hopping off of the log and we wrote subtraction number sentences to match.

We created this frog craft. When it is complete it has the life cycle of a frog on the front. Click this link to get my frog craft.

 We looked at real tadpoles.

We created life cycle of a frog hats. Click here to get the hat.

We read a frog reading passage and drew a picture to check comprehension.
We learned about the life cycle of a chicken We created this flow chart diagram.

We created a chicken anchor chart.

We wrote about the life cycle of a chick. We added sound words to our writing.

We created these cute little chicks. Get the chick pattern here!

We read about chickens and filled in words that would make sense.

We took a "do you like to eat chicken?" survey.
We wrote about bunnies. Get the FREE pattern here.

We created these cute "duck bunnies." One side is a duck, and the other side is a bunny.

We cut up a weekly reader that gave us information about ducks. We wrote our own captions to match the pictures.
You might like this set to help with your instruction! Click here to see my chicken pack.


Crystal McGinnis


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