Groundhog Day Activities

It is hard to believe by looking at all of the snow on the ground that it is almost Groundhog Day! Groundhog day falls on February 2nd of each year. It is so much fun to teach about Groundhogs prior to Groundhog Day. I created this set of math and literacy activities to celebrate the onset (or not) of Spring. I hope you can use one or all of the activities! There are several activities for reading, writing, and math. They can keep your kiddos busy the week of Groundhog Day.

These groundhog nonfiction slides are a perfect way to introduce your students to groundhogs. I have provided fun facts and information about these cute little critters. I have also provided a slide about Groundhog day. If your kids love learning about animals, they will love these slides! You can also print them off like I did to create a classroom display.

We love to sing in Kindergarten! This song, that is sung to the tune of "I'm a little teapot," makes a perfect shared reading lesson.

Surveys are a great way to get your kids up and moving! Your kids can walk around and survey their friends by asking them about Groundhog Day. They then write their friend's names in the yes or no column. Each student in my classroom has a clipboard, which makes survey time a little easier.

Groundhog Labeling- A great way to teach text features!

 This groundhog craft is a perfect way to celebrate Groundhog Day. After creating the groundhog, the song that they learned earlier in the day is attached. This makes an adorable hallway display!

I always try to tie reading into my units. This groundhog day emergent reader can be used during guided reading or whole group reading. It is very predictable, which makes it perfect for young readers. Another great book box filler!

 Groundhog's Day Graph-We will graph our Groundhog predictions. Will he see his shadow?

Add and Color- A simple yet fun activity!

Groundhog Facts Writing-The kiddos read facts about groundhogs and then write their own!

Groundhog-Can/Have/Are Chart-You can display this with your projector and let the kiddos help you fill it out whole group, or they can fill in their own.

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Crystal McGinnis

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