Apple Poems for Shared Reading Anchor Charts

September is here! When I make my plans for September, they always include apples. Apple science, apple math, AND apple reading and writing! I created some sight word poems that are apple themed to use during my shared reading block. You are welcome to use these in your own classroom! Sometimes we do our shared reading using a poem on chart paper, sometimes we use the projector, and sometimes we put the poems together in a pocket chart.

We used this poem to learn the word "are". You can let your students highlight a sight word of your choice in your poem. If you display the poems when you are done, your kids will look back at the poem to find words "they now know."

We then added an "apples are" anchor chart to go along with the poem. We wrote "apples are" sentences, and describing words. We highlighted the word "are" in our sentences.

This poem can be used to practice color words and describing words!

Sometimes we use pocket chart poems after we have learned a poem whole group. I mix up the cards and the kids help me put it together. Sometimes, I take only a few words out, and the kids help me fill in the blanks. These pocket chart poems are perfect for teaching your kids about directionality, punctuation, rhyming words, using context clues, and more! You can get my apple pocket chart poems in my TPT store by clicking HERE!

I create a poetry notebook for each of my kids, and they use them for them remainder of the year as a familiar read in their book boxes. The more reading material that I provide for them, the more fluent readers that they will become. You can get a copy of my apple poems in poetry notebook form by clicking HERE!

Crystal McGinnis

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