Rabbits! Nonfiction Reading and Writing Activities

Do your kids love learning about animals as much as mine do? The month of April is the perfect time to learn about rabbits, because it is so close to Easter! Here are a few rabbit activities that are included in my rabbit unit. Check it out here if you plan on teaching rabbits in your class this year!

We start most of our nonfiction units by looking at some informational slides. I pull up these rabbit fact slides with the projector to keep the kiddos engaged. The kids love the pictures along with all of the fun facts that they learn.

After learning about rabbits and their characteristics, we create this class can/have/are chart. By this time in the school year, the kiddos are ready to help me by "sharing the pen." We write the facts together. This gives the kids "ownership" over the chart.

One of the slides in the rabbit powerpoint is a labeling slide. This text feature slide is a perfect whole group activity. The kids help me label the parts of the rabbit, and we talk about each rabbit body part as we go.

The kids then label their own adorable rabbit by gluing each pre-made label to the correct section of the rabbit.

We do a lot of singing in my classroom! We sing this song about rabbits to learn some additional rabbit facts such as the fact that rabbits are born with no fur, they eat plants and grasses, and they live in burrows.

I created this "mini book" to teach my kiddos about the life cycle of a rabbit. We then complete this life cycle diagram printable to show what we learned.

We complete this rabbit FACT/OPINION pocket chart as a class. We discuss the difference between a fact and an opinion, and then categorize multiple sentences about rabbits.

I try to include a writing project in all of my non-fiction units, because kinders need SO much practice when it comes to writing. The students write an opinion paragraph about rabbits.

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Crystal McGinnis

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