Color Word Poems for Shared Reading

Do you teach color words in kindergarten? If you do, poetry is a perfect way to make those color words stick! Each year, I create a color words poetry journal with 11 color word poems. As we learn how to spell and write each color word, we also learn a new poem from the journal. In each poem, we highlight the color words and color the pictures of each "colored object."
After reading them several times, we use these poems during our guided reading sessions as a familiar read. We also use them as a resource for writing because they are filled with words we know.

Sometimes I write the color word poems on chart paper, and we display the poem for the kiddos to use as a resource. You are welcome to use these poems in your classroom! If you want a copy of the poems in the poetry notebook, click here to get them in my tpt store.

I also created this set with the color words missing, so that the students can practice their color words by writing them! Grab this set here!

I also created a pocket chart for each of my color word poems. After the kiddos learn the poems using their poetry notebook, we put the poem together in the pocket chart. This makes the perfect addition to the pocket chart center. Simply change the poem each week!

Crystal McGinnis


  1. Adorei os poemas. Interessantes para ensinar ampliar o vocabulário em Inglês para as crianças. Obrigada.

  2. These poems look great to help my kiddos learn to read color words 😊