Alphabet Bulletin Boards

Do you have a letter of the week in Kindergarten? At the beginning of school, we focus on one alphabet letter each week of school. This helps kinders really "grasp" each alphabet letter, instead of rushing through them too quickly. I created this set of alphabet bulletin boards to become a "focus wall" in the classroom. The bulletin board can be changed quickly each week, with little prep involved. Each bulletin board has an alphabet poem, letter formation cards, bulletin board heading, and alphabet pictures that begin with the given letter. The kiddos can use this as a tool for writing, shared reading lessons, letter formation help, and more!

I also created this set in black and white!  You could have one of the kids color in the pieces if you need to save ink. I always have students that love to be the teacher's helper.

I will start with my bulletin board looking like this blank one. You can add any color of construction paper that you choose to match your classroom. The only thing that you will have to change each week is the letter cards, poem, and picture cards! 

Crystal McGinnis

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