Alphabet Mats Literacy Center

I am always looking for new ways to teach the alphabet. We use songs, poems, slideshows, books, pocket charts, and so much more. I created this set of alphabet mats to use for morning work or alphabet centers. These would also be perfect for a small group or tutoring session. These mats are all hands-on which helps young kiddos develop their fine motor skills while being engaged in their learning. Here is what my alphabet mats look like. You can print this set in color or black and white. You choose! Now that I use instant ink by HP, I print everything in color. 

Alphabet ID-Students use playdough or other counters to find/cover uppercase and lowercase letters.

Alphabet Sorting-Students sort manipulatives with alphabet letters on them, and place them on the alphabet mats. I used beans because they are inexpensive and come in big bags!

Letter Magnets-Students use letter magnets to cover pictures with their beginning letter sounds. This mat would be appropriate a few months into school when letter sounds have been mastered.

Alphabet Pictures-Students choose the correct picture and place it on the mat according to the beginning sound.

Alphabet Clip It-Students place clothespins with the correct lowercase letter written on them on the mat. These clothespins match the uppercase letters.

Alphabet Letter Writing-Students use expo markers to practice letter formation.

Playdough Letters-Students build the letters of the alphabet using playdough.

I provide the kiddos with this alphabet chart to use as a reference during the activities. This is a perfect way to differentiate. Some kiddos will need it, some won't.

Crystal McGinnis

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