Fall Pocket Chart Center For Kindergarten or First Grade

Fall is just one short week away! Before we know it the leaves will be changing, the air will be cool and crisp, and the houses (and classrooms) will be decorated with pumpkins and all things Fall! Teachers will also begin incorporating Fall into their lesson plans.

One way to do this is by using a pocket chart. Most kindergarten classrooms have a pocket chart center. Pocket charts are perfect for hands-on learning! They can be easily changed throughout the school year to keep the kids engaged with new activities. This set of Fall Simple Sentences are perfect for the Pocket Chart Center in the month of October. The kids build fall related sentences including the topics of Fall, Halloween, Pumpkins, and more! This center teaches sight words, sentence structure, tracking print, word spacing, using picture clues, and more! The kiddos look at the provided printable, and then build the pocket chart sentences to match. After the sentences have been put together, you can display the pocket chart for the kiddos to use as a reference in their writing! This set comes with 10 different Fall themes!

Check them out below! If you want to use these Fall Simple Sentence Pocket Charts in your classroom, you are welcome to. See the set here!

Grab this pin to come back!

Crystal McGinnis

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