January Math for Kindergarten

   A few years ago, my elementary school adopted a new math series (again!). After using the math series for a few weeks, I decided that I wasn't a fan. It wasn't very kindergarten friendly, with pages to rip out and not to mention it had a very boring and bland layout. Although I was still required to use the math series, I decided that I needed something to supplement the instruction to give my kinders a little more excitement. They needed a little more hands on, and a little more simple and kindergarten friendly. With this in mind, I created a series of math notebooks for each month of Kindergarten. These math notebooks make the perfect supplement, and they provide the kiddos with hands-on activities which they love! Each math notebook has one activity for each day of the month. These activities could be used for morning work, guided math, or even math homework for the littles. The activities only take a few minutes, which is perfect for kinders with a small attention span. Here are a few of the activities in my January Math Notebook. If you like this set, you may also like all of the other months. I have them in a bundle! The activities get a little more difficult as the school year continues, in order to keep the kiddos engaged. 

    This January Math Notebook for Kindergarten includes addition, subtraction, tally marks, writing numbers, place value, measurement, and more!

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Crystal McGinnis

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