Valentine's Day Sight Word Poems for Shared Reading

Do you use poetry in your classroom? If you do, have you tried using sight word poems with your kiddos? Sight word poems are perfect for new readers because they teach the kiddos new sight words, reading fluency, rhyme, and so much more! 

You can use a poem that matches your sight word of the week. The kiddos love to find their new sight word, highlight it, read it, write it, and so much  more! Add your new poem to a poetry notebook, and you have a perfect "familiar reading" resource for your students to come back to again and again!

These poems come from a set of Valentine's Day poems that I created for teachers! It has 13 sight word poems ready to bind to create a poetry notebook, or be added to one you already have. I also created pocket charts of the same exact poems. These pocket charts are perfect for reinforcing the poems whole group. You can also add them to your pocket chart center and let the kinder kids put them together in the pocket chart. They love to do this! 

I hope your kiddos enjoy these Valentine's Day Poems. You can grab the poems here, and the pocket charts here!

Grab this pin to come back later!

Crystal McGinnis

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