26 Alphabet Books (and Sight Word Books) for Kindergarten

Teaching the alphabet is one of the foundational skills that most kindergarten teachers focus on during the first few weeks of kindergarten. This can be done in so many ways including through songs, poems, charts, chants, hands-on manipulatives, learning centers, and more! I just completed this set of alphabet books to add to my alphabet introduction activities. This set of 26 books includes one book for each letter of the alphabet. The predictable books include sight word sentences with each letter of the alphabet. Each page of the book is predictable and follow the same pattern, which make it perfect for kindergarten students.

 My kiddos will highlight words that begin with each letter of the alphabet, and then trace each alphabet letter to practice letter formation. We will then place the books in our book boxes so that they can be read over and over again. If you would like to use these in your classroom, check them out here!

Crystal McGinnis

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