Big Rhyming Cards and Activities for Kindergarten

If you are a kindergarten teacher, you know how important teaching rhyme and rhyming at the beginning of the school year is. Rhyming is a foundational skill for reading and phonemic awareness! I start my introduction to rhyme using whole group lessons. I use large props when I teach whole group  so that all of my students can see them. I created this set of BIG rhyming cards (they are 1/2 page tall) to help. 😊

You can use these cards in so many ways! (Here are a few ideas.)

*Hand each student a card and let them find their rhyming match. (another student holding the rhyming pair)
*Hang one card from each rhyming pair above your group tables. As you call the students to line up, use the other rhyming pair as a reference. "If your table rhymes with hot, line up."
*Play rhyming memory by placing the cards upside down. One student flips over two cards and if the pictures rhyme, they win a small prize. (candy)
*Show both cards in each pair, and have your students help you think of another picture that would rhyme with the rhyming pair of words.
*Play I'm thinking of  a rhyming word. Show the students one of the picture cards in each pair. Give them clues to what the matching picture card may be until they guess it. (Example: Show them the house, and tell them the rhyming picture is a small gray animal that eats cheese. Let them guess.)


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Crystal McGinnis

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