Ordering Numbers to 10 Pocket Chart Center

Do you have a pocket chart center in your classroom? Students love to use the pocket chart. It gives them a chance to get up and get moving, and have hands-on learning experiences.

I keep a pocket chart in my center rotations, changing out the pocket chart materials every week or 2. Sometimes the pocket chart has literacy materials, and other times I use it for a math center.

Here is an example of how I would use it as a math center. This ordering numbers to 10 math center has students ordering multiple sets of number cards from 0-10 or 1-10. Students sort the pictures into groups, and then order those groups of pictures.  They then complete an independent practice printable. (This gives them some accountability by having something to turn in.)

This pocket chart activity can be used whole group first, as an introduction to numbers. It can then be added to the pocket chart center after students know how to complete it. I find this works best, instead of just adding the materials to the center without instruction.

If you would like to use this pocket chart activity in your classroom, grab the digital download of the center activity here. Simply purchase, print, prep, and use!

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Crystal McGinnis

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