13 Math Around the Room Activities

        Keeping kindergarten students entertained while learning can be a challenge if you are not prepared for every second of the day! 

 My kids can get very "wiggly" throughout the school day (especially during the afternoon). I created this set of "math around the room" activities to help with this, and you may find them helpful too.

 It is very simple. All you will need to do is cut out the math problems and hang them throughout your classroom. I like to hang them on the walls, doors, whiteboards, and anywhere else that I can think of. Students then grab the provided recording sheets, hunt for the math cards, and then solve their "math around the room" problems. My class absolutely loves doing this! 

I will have a few sets of these ready to go so that I can pull them out at anytime especially if my kinders are having an extra wiggly day.

Here are a few examples of some of the activities we use "Around the Room." If you want to use them in your classroom, grab them here. They are available as a digital download, which means you purchase and then download them instantly!

Numbers Around the Room

Tallying Around the Room

Teen Numbers Around the Room

Patterns Around the Room

Counting By 10's Around The Room

Shapes Around the Room

Graphs Around the Room

Addition Around the Room

Subtraction Around the Room

Counting Tallies Around the Room

Measuring Around the Room

Ten Frames Around the Room

Grab one of these pins to come back!

Crystal McGinnis

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