Spring Pocket Chart Centers for Kindergarten

Hello Friends! I have been creating some Spring themed pocket charts because I know how quickly Spring will be here. 😊 I can't wait! 😊 As Spring approaches, students start to get a little wiggly, so pocket chart centers are the perfect way to keep your kids "up and moving" while still being engaged in learning. This will definitely help with some of those wiggles!

The pocket charts that I have completed so far focus on compound words, long vowels, and addition +10. I will be creating a few more because I like to change my pocket chart materials weekly. 

Check out these Spring Pocket Chart Centers! If you would like to use them in your classroom, grab them in my TPT shop. You can purchase, print, and use instantly. I have provided black and white copies if you would like to save ink. ⭐

Students look at the two pictures on the rainbow and join them together to create a compound word. They then find the compound word picture and match it with the rainbow. Simple! 

Students practice adding 10 to a number using this pocket chart center. The set comes with ladybugs, flowers, and more!

Students practice reading long vowel cvc-e words and matching them to long vowel cvc-e pictures. I included a recording sheet for the students to complete when they finish the pocket chart. This is a great way for them to have some accountability when completing their learning center.

Grab one of these pins to come back!

Be on the lookout for more Spring Pocket Chart Center Ideas!

Crystal McGinnis

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