14 Dice Games for Kindergarten Math

I love math center activities that are simple to prep and require no cutting, laminating, or sorting. Sometimes centers like that are hard to find, so I created this set of math dice games that only require a set of dice and a printable. My kids love the hands-on feeling of using dice, and I love that the centers can be thrown away when they are complete. I created 14 dice games that can be used in my math center. I also use them for morning work, early finishing, and more.

Roll It! Trace It!-Students roll two dice, and trace the number that they rolled. They can play against a partner or alone. This is perfect for number recognition and number formation.

Roll, Find, and Color-Students roll two dice, find the number, and color it. Students can play against a partner or alone. This is perfect for number recognition and counting.

Roll It! Cover It!-Students play against a partner. They take turns rolling two dice, finding the number, and covering it. The first person to have all numbers covered is the winner!

Roll & Write-Students roll one die, and write the number that they rolled. The first person to fill a column (or more than one) is the winner.

Roll It, Color It! Students practice counting during this game. They roll one die and color that many squares. They play against a partner. The first person to color all squares is the winner!

During this game, students try to be the first person to take away all of their counters. They roll one die, and then take away counters equal to the number they rolled. The first person to have all counters taken away is the winner.

Which Number is Largest?-Students play against a partner. Students each roll one die, and the person that has the largest number colors in a block. The first person to have all blocks colored in is the winner.

Roll and Move-Students try to be the first person to make it all away around the board by rolling one die, and counting the correct number of spaces.

Number of the Day-Your students can practice recognizing a specific number of the day. They roll one die. If they land on the number of the day, they color in a bear. The first person to have all bears colored in is the winner.

My Number is Greater!-Students play with a partner. They each get one die. They each roll their die, and the person with the highest number on their die gets to color in a square. The first person to have all squares colored in is the winner.

Fill It Up-Students race to fill up a cup. They play against a partner. Each student rolls one die and places that number of counters in a cup. The first person to fill their cup is the winner.

Crystal McGinnis


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