Gingerbread Man Activities

One of my favorite units to teach after Thanksgiving break is The Gingerbread Man. The kids love to read all of the different versions of the book, and I love that I can use this story to teach reading and math skills. Here are a few of the activities that my kiddos will complete during our Gingerbread study. These activities were created to supplement The Gingerbread Man book in its original form. 

After reading the story to the class, I give them each an emergent reader form of the book. It has the same sequence of the original story, but it is simple and predictable for new readers.

After reading the emergent reader together a few times, the kiddos complete this story sequencing activity. They cut out and glue the characters in order, matching the sequence of the story.

My kids love surveys! The students will survey their classmates by asking them if they liked the way the story ended. They love to walk around the classroom with their clipboards, letting their friends sign their name beneath the yes or no heading.

We will practice color words by coloring the gingerbread men the correct color. Kinders feel successful using this predictable text format.

We will work on our math skills while weighing gingerbread man cookies using the balance scale. I purchase these cookies at Wal-Mart every year. They can be found in the seasonal aisle.

Roll and Color is always a popular game. I modified the game to use with our gingerbread unit. Simple!

We will use this song during shared reading. It is sung to the tune of I'm a Little Teapot.

We will create these Gingerbread Men (or Girls) to decorate our classroom with. Students write the missing word to match the words in the book.

We will create these story hats to use to act out the story. Students will choose which character they want to be.

We will also complete many more literacy and math activities using the Gingerbread Man Theme. If you would like to use these activities in your classroom, they are available in my TPT store for only 1.00 (Dollar Deal).

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Crystal McGinnis

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