Place Value Centers for Kindergarten

Kindergarten students are expected to know how to compose and decompose numbers from 11-19 into ten ones and some further ones (the standard word for word.) This is probably one of the most difficult objectives for young learners to grasp. I will admit, it is also one of the most difficult subjects to teach in a way that these young minds can understand. I introduce this topic early in the year (in small doses), and then more thoroughly later in the year. I created this set of place value math centers to use while I teach kinders the basics of place value, including tens and ones. These activities are all hands-on, which helps with student engagement. 

We will build teen numbers using linking cubes. We will create a set of ten, and then additional ones to create the number.

We will use these counting mats to practice creating a number using a set of ten, and additional ones. We may use play-doh for these mats if time allows.

We will practice counting place value blocks, and matching them to given teen numbers. We will then re-build the number using linking cubes or place value blocks.

We will practice creating sets of numbers using teddy bear counters. We will discuss how each teen number is a set of ten, and some additional ones.

We will use these clip-it cards to practice counting base ten blocks. The kiddos will place a clip on the correct teen number that matches the base ten blocks.

We will play this game of Place Value Find and Cover. The students will play this game with a partner. It is very simple. The kids draw a place value card out of a basket, and then cover the number that they chose on the number mat with a teddy bear counter. Their partner will then do the same after the card is placed back into the basket. The first person to have all of the numbers covered is the winner.

We will practice recognizing and counting place value blocks by matching them with numbers on these place value mats.

We will practice counting pennies, and placing them in piles of tens and ones.

We will practice counting "apples" and placing them on the apple trees by tens and ones. We will then match place value cards to the trees.

We will use these linking chains to attach base ten blocks to numbers 10-19. The kids will attach a "ten and an additional number of ones" to each number card.

 I hope your kids love them. You can also get them in black and white (so that you can print them at school) if you choose.

Crystal McGinnis

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