Valentine Activities for Kindergarten

Candy Heart Math

My kinders love using candy during math, and I LOVE that they are learning with such engagement. Valentine's Day or Valentine's Week, is a perfect time to incorporate candy into the curriculum. Candy hearts are a favorite candy for Valentine's Day learning. I ask each student to bring in a bag of conversation hearts so that we have more than enough to complete all of these candy hearts math activities in the days before Valentine's Day. Here is what we do with those hearts.....

We measure using candy hearts. We measure each of these Valentine arrows. We also measure other objects with candy hearts including our pencils, glue, crayons, and more!

We practice estimating and counting using candy hearts. We estimate how many candy hearts it would take to fill each heart on the provided printable. We then use candy hearts to actually cover the heart. We then talk about our estimates and how close or far off we were. 

We practice sorting and graphing candy hearts.

We play a game of add and cover using candy hearts. The kiddos will roll two dice, and then add the numbers. They will then cover the sum. The first person, in pairs, to cover all of the numbers is the winner.

We create candy heart patterns.

We play tic-tac-toe using candy hearts.

We practice counting and building teen numbers on ten frames using candy hearts.

We practice interpreting and building number sentences using candy hearts.

We use a balance scale to measure the weight of classroom objects using candy hearts.

As you can see, you can practice a lot of math objectives using candy. If you would like to use these printables in your classroom, you can get my candy hearts printables to use in your classroom by clicking here!

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Valentine Pop-Up Cards

We will also create these Valentine pop-up cards the week of Valentine's Day. They are pretty simple to create, and the pop-up feature makes them a little more engaging. The kiddos will make the cards for family or friends. I will let them choose! I love that they will get to create a gift while they are working on their writing skills. 

Valentine Sight Word Poems for Shared Reading

We use sight word poems throughout the entire year to introduce our new sight words. We will add these Valentine poems (AND MORE) to our poetry collection during the month of February! These 2 poems introduce the words is and my.

This poem "My Mom" would make a perfect poem for the kids to read to their sweet moms on Valentine's Day.

Valentine Add & Color

My kids love to color, so I created these add & color math printables for us to use for morning work, math time, centers and more. The kids are practicing their addition skills, along with a little holiday coloring. Grab these printables FREE here!

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Crystal McGinnis

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