Alphabet and Sight Word Simple Sentences

Finding reading materials that are simple enough for kindergarten can be a CHALLENGE. They have the foundational skills of pre-readers, but they aren't quite independent. I created this set of Alphabet and Sight Word Simple Sentences to use as an additional reading resource for kindergarten. The kinders practice some of the most basic reading skills including alphabet/beginning sound recognition, tracking print, predictable text, using picture clues, and sight words. They also have the chance to write a sentence of their own which allows them to work on sentence structure. We all know what a challenge writing in kindergarten can be, so the more practice the better!

The kinders begin by reading each set of simple sentences. They use the picture clue at the end to help them determine the missing alphabet word. I will have the students highlight the alphabet letter that we are studying.

After reading, and re-reading the simple sentences, the kiddos will write a sentence of their own to match the sight word sentences. Their sentence will also have a word that begins with the letter of the alphabet we are focusing on. I will let them copy one of the sentences above if they can't come up with their own word. They draw a picture to match their alphabet word.

I will keep all of the sets of simple sentences in a reading folder to use as an independent read later. They will fit perfectly in our book boxes!

Grab this pin if you want to see this set in the future!

Crystal McGinnis

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