Printable Valentines! Cactus, Llamas, Unicorns, Mints, Cuties, and More!

My friend Mallory is super crafty. She created these adorable printable Valentines for classroom teachers or parents of school aged children who are preparing for Valentine's Day. Along with being very easy to print and prepare, they are an inexpensive way to spread the Valentine's love. Add candy if you choose, and you are ready to go!

This cactus themed valentine is perfect! Add a little cactus (if you choose), and they are ready to give! These are great for kiddos, co-workers, teachers, parents, or whoever you would like to give a gift to.

"We are Mint to Be!" What a cute little valentine. Simply add some mints.

If you want to give healthy valentines, how about these "Cutie" valentines? Simply add a Cutie orange to the valentine!

Llamas are adorable, and the kids love animal themed valentines. 

What little girl or boy doesn't love a unicorn? These unicorn valentines go great with some candy hearts!

If you are a teacher and want to create personalized valentines for your students, these are pefect. Simply type your name using the editable powerpoint, print, and you are done!

I can't wait to see what she creates next!

Crystal McGinnis

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