Cutting Practice Printables for the Beginning of Preschool or Kindergarten

It is amazing how many kiddos start school without ever touching a pair of scissors. Scissor skills are usually poor at the beginning of kindergarten, so this is one of the first skills that we tackle the first few weeks of school. First we learn how to hold scissors, how to use them safely, what to cut (not cutting our hair or clothing), and then we practice cutting. We cut straight lines, zig-zag lines, shapes, and more. I usually teach the kids this little song as we are learning.

Open shut, Open shut, that's the way we cut, cut, cut!
 Thumb on the top, fingers on the bottom,
 open shut, open shut, that's the way we cut, cut, cut!

We then use these printables to practice cutting. These make perfect morning work or learning centers later in the year! Grab these cutting printables here in my tpt store!

Grab one of these pins if you want to come back!

Crystal McGinnis

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