School Rules Pocket Chart Sort Activity (First Day of School)

Summer is finally here! If you like to prepare for the next school year during the summer while you have more spare time, this may be something to add to your to-do list! This School Rules Pocket Chart Sort Activity is always a hit on the first few days of school (and several days after). This set includes 48 good choices and sad choices for your kiddos to sort and place in a pocket chart. We use this set whole group on the first few days of school, discussing each behavior and whether we think it is a good choice or sad choice. It is a great conversation starter, and can lead to some really insightful discussions of classroom choices. After we complete the pocket chart sort, we keep it displayed. Students, and teachers, refer to it throughout the year. I have also included some independent practice printables for the kiddos to use after the pocket chart sort. 

Grab one of these pins to come back for this resource!

Crystal McGinnis


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