10 Spring Pocket Charts (Simple Predictable Sentences) for Kindergarten or First Grade

Do your kids love using the pocket chart? Most kindergarten students love using anything pocket chart related, and that is why it is the perfect learning center activity to keep all year long. Simply change the pocket chart set weekly, and you are good to go. The activity pictured is a Spring Themed Pocket Chart Center Set. The students simply order the predictable sentences in the pocket chart. This helps the student practice sentence structure, sight words, punctuation, capital letters, left to right directionality, and more. They simply look at the provided printable, and copy it in the pocket chart by building the sentences using the provided cards. 

    I tried to incorporate some science topics into this Spring Sentences Pocket Chart Set. These include the life cycle of a plant, frog, and butterfly. 

    I will change the set of sentences every few days to keep the students engaged! If you would like to use this set in your classroom, grab it here! It comes with 10 different pocket chart sets! 👈

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Crystal McGinnis

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