Weather Pop Up Cards (Read or Write About Weather!)

Are you looking for an engaging way to teach your kiddos about weather? Check out my weather pop-up cards! They are easy to prep, and your kiddos will love to create them. Make sure you print them on tag-board so that the pop-up pieces will stand up!

Your kids will love learning about the weather with these pop-up cards! I created this set of 10 different pop-up cards that cover the topics of tornadoes, blizzards, clouds, rain, snow, fog, floods, hurricanes, and more! The cards come in two different designs. One design provides writing lines for your kids to write their own weather related information. The other design has a reading passage that provides your kids information about the weather topic. I have provided the reading passage in two different levels. One for younger readers, and one for older readers. Each card has a pop-up feature that your kids will incorporate into their card. They will love to show what they know about weather by decorating their pop-up cards!

Grab this pin to come back and find these cards later!

Crystal McGinnis

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