Plant Activities For Kindergarten or First Grade (Plant Needs, Life Cycle, Plant Parts, and More)

Do you teach about plants and their life cycle during the Spring? This is one of my favorite units to teach. The students love anything science related, and I love when they are engaged and excited about learning! 

I divide our plant unit into sections, beginning with the LIFE CYCLE OF A PLANT. I have a lot of books that we read through while exploring the life cycle of a plant.  We also create, color, and read this emergent reader, complete a flip book, and complete a pocket chart sort.

We then explore HOW TO GROW A PLANT! We sequence these pictures showing the process of growing a plant, create a book about growing a plant, complete a writing prompt about growing a plant, and then we actually grow a plant. After planting a seed, we use a plant observation journal keep track of our plant's process. The kids love to check on their plants each day to see if they have sprouted.

After we learn about the process of growing a plant, we look at the PARTS of a plant! We use this emergent reader and labeling activity to identify each part of a plant, and its function for the plant.

We also talk about PLANT needs during our plant unit! We complete this plant needs pocket chart sort whole group. We also read an emergent reader about plant needs, and then we end our plant unit by creating these "Very Special Flowers, " which are perfect to display!

You may also like these plant life cycle hats! They are not part of my plant unit, but you can grab them here!

Crystal McGinnis