Food Groups Pocket Chart Center

Do you use a pocket chart in your classroom? My students LOVE the pocket chart center. I try to switch out the pocket chart center materials weekly with reading, math, and science activities. 

This food groups pocket chart is one of the pocket chart center activities that I use while teaching the food groups. My students sort 72 picture cards (food pics) into categories in our pocket chart. These categories include dairy, fruits, protein, vegetables, grains, and sweets/fats.

After completing the pocket chart sort, the students complete one of the independent practice printables. This holds them accountable for completing the center (by having something to turn in). 

I usually model my pocket charts with the class whole group before I place them into our pocket chart center. This saves me answering a lot of questions later!

Grab this pin to come back to this pocket chart later!

Crystal McGinnis

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