Spelling Activities for Any Words

Do you teach sight words in your classroom? If so, you are probably always looking for new ways to keep your students engaged while practicing their weekly sight words. 

I created this set of sight word activities that can be used with ANY sight words. Simply add your list of sight words to your spelling word center along with a few of these activities, and your center is ready to go. Most of these activities take supplies that you probably already have in your classroom!

I usually add 3 of these activities to my sight word center each week. I then change out the activities the following week! If you would like a copy of these activities, they are available as a digital download here. 

Sight Word Write It (Students write their sight words using pencil, crayon, and pen.)

Sight Word Build It With Play-Doh (Students build their sight words with Play-Doh and then write their words.)

Sight Word Write and Tally (Students write their sight words, and then tally the number of letters in each word.)

How Many Letters? (Students sort their sight words according to the number of letters in each word.)

Sight Word Word Search (Students search in books for their sight words. They write down the page number that each word was found.)

Sight Word Sentences (Students write sentences using their sight words.)

Sight Word Race (Students play with a partner. They each roll one dice and write their sight word the number of times that the dice shows. The first person to fill the chart with sight words is the winner.)

Sight Word Colors (Students write their sight words using different colors by reading the color words.)

Rainbow Writing Sight Words (Students write their sight words using different colors. Each letter is written in a different color.)

Sight Word Stamping (Students use letter stamps to stamp their sight words.)

Sight Word Vowel Activity (Students write their sight words and then color the vowels in each word.)

Sight Word Write and Race (Students write their sight words as many times that they can in one minute.)

Sight Word Q-Tip Painting

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Crystal McGinnis

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