10 Addition Math Centers for Kindergarten

Kindergarten students are expected to leave kindergarten knowing their addition math facts to 10. This set of morning math tubs, or math centers, concentrates on this skill. All of the centers are hands-on, and they provide kinders with multiple ways to practice addition facts. Kinders practice number sentences, addition with manipulatives, addition without manipulatives, and more. I created all of my math tubs in COLOR or BLACK AND WHITE, so you choose what works best for you. Check out the pictures below to see them in action.

Kinders practice creating the number sentences using gum-balls (pop-poms). They then create the sum with play-doh.

The students practice matching number sentences with pictures using this set of large dominoes.

Students add, and then clip the answer. Simple!

Students solve the addition problems, and then place a ball of play-doh on the correct answer. They can also create play-doh balls to solve the problem.

Kinders play a game of roll and cover against a partner with these math mats.

Students use buttons, or any other counters, to practice creating sets that equal a specific number.

The kiddos will use linking cubes to build towers that equal a given number sentence.

Students use teddy bears to create a set that is equal to a given number sentence. They also solve the addition problem, and place the correct matching answer on the mat.

Students solve these addition problem puzzles.

Students practice matching number sentence clips to ten frame addition problems.

Crystal McGinnis

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