October Simple Sentences for Kindergarten

It is October, and Kinders are finally starting to develop a few foundational reading skills. They are not experts YET, but they are beginning to show some progress. Sadly, I find it very difficult to find text that is simple, predictable, and easy to follow for kindergarten students. Let's face it, it needs to be pretty basic for these Kiddos, or they are going to be overwhelmed. Because of this struggle, I started creating these sets of monthly predictable sentences to use to expose my kinders to consistent, yet achievable reading practice. We use these simple sentences to practice tracking print (love those tracking dots), directionality, one to one correspondence (word jumping), sight words, context clues, and more. The kids love that they can read them after we practice together, and they are even more thrilled to take them home and read to their parents. 

You can use the simple sentences whole group using the projector, or during your small guided reading groups that you may have started. 

You can let your kids highlight the sight words that you may be learning.

You can place them in your students' book boxes for them to use as FAMILIAR reading!

You can grab my October Simple Sentences HERE!

Crystal McGinnis

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