10 Measurement Centers for Kindergarten

One of the math standards for Kindergarten is describing measurable attributes of objects, such as length or weight. (Measurement) Kinders seem to always enjoy our unit on measurement, because it is hands-on, which keeps them engaged. Engaged students = happy teacher! I created this set of measurement centers for Kindergarten. They are all hands-on, and simple to implement! 

Students will measure various objects using pennies. Everyone has pennies right?

Students measure objects using a ruler (to the nearest inch for young learners)

Students compare capacity using these clip cards. They place a clip on the largest capacity.

Students measure weight using a balance. They compare various amounts of objects to see which are heavier.

Students compare the capacity of a variety of containers. They then order the containers from smallest capacity to largest capacity.

Students measure characters using a non-standard ruler.

Students place objects in order from smallest to largest.

Students compare measurements of different amounts of linking cubes and paperclips. 

Students measure "real" classroom objects using linking cubes.

I hope your kids love measuring as much as mine do. Click HERE to get my measurement centers in my TPT store. Thanks for reading!

Crystal McGinnis

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