Arctic Animal Pop-Up Cards

Do you teach your kinders about polar animals during the winter months? My kids love these pop-up arctic animal cards. The kids can either read the cards,  or write about the specific animal on each of the cards. You choose! They are very easy to create. All you need to do is print the cards on tagboard, fold, cut a couple of slits, glue on your animal, and they are done! 

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Print one (or all) of the arctic animal cards. These cards work much better if you print on tagboard so that the pop up pieces stand up. You can choose from the arctic hare, snowy owl, beluga whale, harp seal, arctic fox, polar bear, and penguin (penguins don't live in the arctic---but the kids love them!)

Fold the card on the line down the middle after the kids have colored the card. 

Cut along the dotted lines. This will create two slits.

Glue the arctic animal on the pop-up as shown.

Students write (or read) about the animal on the card. I have created this set so that they can do both!

Grab one of these pins to come back!

Crystal McGinnis

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