Christmas December Math Notebook (Math Time, Morning Work, or Homework)

December is officially here, and most classrooms are in holiday teaching/SURVIVING mode. The kids know that Christmas is coming, and keeping their attention is going to be a real challenge. If you are looking for a low prep, stress free way to make it to Christmas break, my math notebook may be just what you need. I started creating these math notebooks when I discovered how unappealing the math series was that our school had adopted. It covered all of the correct skills, but it was very difficult to keep the kids engaged. My math notebooks align with the kindergarten math skills needing taught, but they also provide the kids with holiday themed activities that are engaging and fun. 

Many teachers use my math notebooks as homework or morning work. They print them, staple them, and done!

Each of my math notebooks are 20 pages long. I attach a cover to the front, and staple all of the pages together so that I only have to prep math one time during the month. Yes!!! The kids keep these in their desks, unless they are super messy, and we pull them out when we are ready for them. No passing out papers,  no collecting papers,  just pull them out and complete!

Some of the topics included in the December math notebook include addition.....

Number recognition and addition....

Patterns and writing numbers to 30.....

Data collection/graphing....

Making 10...….

and so much more!


Crystal McGinnis

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