How To Build a Snowman

Now that winter is officially here and Christmas is over, we will focus on winter topics including snow, snowmen, polar animals, and more. Each year we complete a "How To" unit, and this year we will write a "How to Build a Snowman" book. I created this set of materials to use while we focus on our "How to Build a Snowman" writing. It includes emergent readers, a pocket chart, graphic organizers, a snowman craft and more. Students will complete all of these activities, and then write their "How to Build a Snowman" craft using what they learned. 

We will read this "How to Build a Snowman" emergent reader. We will focus on sequencing and using context clues as we read. 

We will practice sequencing, using this "How to Build a Snowman" sequencing mat. The students will cut out the pictures, and glue them in order.

We will practice snowman related words as we complete this snowman "write the room." This will help us identify snowman related words to use in the book we write later.

We will complete this class pocket chart which sequences, "How to Build a Snowman."

My kids love to sing, so we will sing this "I Can Build a Snowman" song. 

Before we create our "How to Build a Snowman" writing book, we will make a list of things needed to build a snowman. We will use this list as we write our book.

We will use this book template to write our books. We will work on these a few days during our writing block. We will also illustrate our books, and share!

I try to squeeze in a quick craft on Fridays. We will use this snowman template to build a snowman. This is a perfect activity to end our unit with.

I would love for you to use this unit in your classroom if you choose. 

Grab one of these pins to come back to this resource!

Crystal McGinnis

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